For Practices

We provide everything your practice needs for connectivity, security, and stability around technology. Our complete monitoring and support ensures that issues are handled quickly and proactively, and simple, flat pricing makes it easy to budget for.


For Hospitals

Our model offers a team of experts without the price that typically comes with it. We handle all the day-to-day tasks as well as technology leadership and strategy.  We can give your organization boots on the ground in addition to a team of IT specialists, diverse in their expertise, who are always on call.


For Radiology

Whether you are a professional group, have an outpatient center, or are considering adding imaging to your practice, we can help you reach your goals and reduce stress along the way. Let us help you increase efficiency, accountability, and financial stability.

What makes us unique from all other IT-managed service companies is
the combination of three things:

  • We only work in healthcare. Every bit of our focus, training, and efforts are directed toward the best medical care each and every time.
  • We offer both Enterprise IT and Clinical IT We have all experienced the pointing of fingers between the IT group and the software vendor blaming each other; with our expertise on both sides, we can often cut to the chase, decreasing frustration and downtime to help ensure the best medical care every time.
  • We were born from an organization that sees hundreds of patients every day. No more frustration from the lack of urgency of your IT group to solve the problem because we have been in your shoes with the patient staring at you or the angry provider on the other end of the line. 

Backing up all our uniques is a team-based approach that allows small to medium-sized healthcare organizations to have the knowledge and skill-sets they cannot afford otherwise. You would not run your hospital or medical practice with one nurse/employee. Yet, many healthcare groups do just that with their IT staff, creating burnout, periods without IT coverage, and unrealistic expectations of what one person can know or do.