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Practice Management

Let us help you increase efficiency, accountability, and financial stability.

Simplified Medical Management’s goal is to reduce stress and solve the most significant pain points in radiology management today. We will implement a program that is catered to your group or imaging center's needs. The leadership team at Simplified Medical Management has hundreds of years of combined radiology management experience in the areas of leadership, practice management, information technology, compliance, credentialing, and revenue cycle management. 


Strategic Planning


Operating System



Information Technology

IT frustrations take away from the most important part of your practice,
the patient.

Our model offers a team of experts without the price that comes with it. It provides complete monitoring and support (which can also be done remotely) and gives your organization a team of IT specialists who are always on call.

  • Set, flat monthly rates
  • A dedicated team of Professionals
  • Overall system visibility & stability
  • No gamble, risk mitigation before problems strike
  • Help Desk = 24/7 monitoring and security
  • Guaranteed service time

Why should you use our IT services? 


Team-Based Approach


Simple Pricing


Complete Managed IT

Compliance and Credentialing

Let us customize a plan that meets your needs.

Credentialing, when not monitored regularly, can result in costly billing denials. Compliance, when not maintained and followed, can result in substantial monitoring, fines, and loss of reputation. With your practice on the line, you can't afford to ignore any part of it. 


Reduce Risks


Less Worry


Dedicated Resources

Revenue Cycle Management

We work to get you every penny.

We have the tools you need to increase revenue and guide you and your staff to a more productive workplace. Our team of experts can analyze the gaps in your system and processes, which will save you time and money.

Let us manage your revenue cycle to identify leaks and increase your top dollar.


Increased Revenue


Less Wasted Income


Fewer Errors