At Simplified Medical Management, we help independent healthcare organizations eliminate their frustrations and take back control of their practice by offering real simple solutions for IT, credentialing, and business operations. Our clients are more profitable, more focused on their patients, and staffed by great employees.

Our Story

On January 1, 2019, The Radiology Clinic separated their non-clinical staff, technology, and resources to form Simplified Medical Management, LLC. Since its founding over 70 years ago, The Radiology Clinic developed expertise in the areas of practice management, information technology, credentialing, compliance and revenue cycle management. As Simplified Medical Management grows, it continues to hire and invest in more resources with expertise and capabilities in these areas to ensure the best possible medical care for our community by delivering exceptional service to healthcare providers throughout the Southeast.

Our Goal

Whether healthcare providers are building a new practice or looking to improve the way they run their business, Simplified Medical Management’s goal is to reduce stress and solve the most significant pain points in healthcare management today. We can implement a program that is catered to each practice and will allow providers to spend more time focusing on the thing they are great at and love to do, taking care of you, the patient. The leadership team at Simplified Medical Management has hundreds of years of combined experience in the areas of leadership, practice management, information technology, compliance, credentialing, and revenue cycle management.

What Makes Us Unique

“Our passion is to ensure the best possible medical care for the communities we serve. To that end, we have developed a real world, proven system for achieving simplification, team health and less worry for healthcare leaders. We know it is not enough to drop in one time, give some advice and check back a year later. We pride ourselves in rolling up our sleeves and standing alongside our clients to ensure their goals, whatever they might be, are realized.”

James Leitner, Chief Executive Officer of 
Simplified Medical Management