Information Technology Solutions

What is an IT Managed Service?

This is when an organization outsources all or a part of their technology services. Examples include 24/7 operations, network administration, cloud storage, keeping your IT equipment functional, Managed Security, managed Wireless and Mobile Computing, etc.

We offer this under a subscription-based model with simple pricing.

What if we are happy with our internal IT staff?

Great! We offer IT Support services for larger healthcare organizations that are happy with their internal team. We can help with more advanced or critical functions like strategic advice, Advanced IT Security, and special projects.

We can also assume IT roles when your staff is out on vacation or leave. We can fill a void in a technical expertise if your staff lacks a certain skill. In addition, we can assist with operations and management.

We have a Managed Services provider already. What makes you different?

We solely focus on healthcare technology and nothing else. No more explaining healthcare to your IT guy.

How can SMM support our organization if we are outside of Tuscaloosa, Al?

We have engineers throughout and in multiple states. In addition, we have remote management tools to help wherever you are located.

What if we have an issue after hours or on holidays?

We have a team to cover your organization 24/7. As part of our managed services, we offer on-call and after-hours support.

Are you able to recommend or purchase hardware/software for our organization?

Yes. We have created some strategic partnerships with leading healthcare hardware and software to provide you with the best solutions for your organization.

Our computers are running slow. Is this something you can help us with?

Yes. We hear this quite often. Many healthcare organizations are running systems incorrectly or are old and no longer maintained properly.

The first step is to perform a complete assessment of your technology setup and from there we will provide next steps. With our managed services, our team will monitor and maintain your technology environment so that your organization can run at its optimal performance.

We are looking for someone to guide us through all the healthcare technology
changes and regulations. Why should we choose SMM?

Our core focus is healthcare technology. We stay up to date and follow all federal and state regulations.


We want to grow our imaging facility. How can SMM help us?

We have extensive experience in delivering operational efficiency and helping our clients achieve their business objectives. 

We help you run a frustration-free practice by implementing our proven process that will help your team make good decisions, operate with excellence, and never fall behind. We also help your leadership team get on the same page with where you are going and how you are going to get there, allowing you to execute and deliver a strong imaging strategy.

We aim to be your one-stop radiology services provider. Working with us will make your providers happier, less stressed, and your practice more profitable.

Our hospital's radiology department has hit the ceiling. What can we do?

The most beneficial next step is to perform an assessment to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of your radiology facility. 

We can perform the assessment and provide you with an action plan to help improve overall radiology operations, including critical areas such as leadership. 

We recently lost our credentialing personnel and our staff has no idea what to do.
Can you help us? 

Yes. We can handle all of your credentialing needs, from adding new providers to handling maintenance tasks. We provide a credentialing manager that works one on one with your staff.

Credentialing, when not monitored regularly, can result in costly billing denials.

Our staff seem to miscommunicate a lot and our patient care suffers. What do we need to do?

The first step is to get everyone on the same page and streamline your processes.

We can provide your leadership team with a proven process that will help strengthen your staff's communication and help you become great at solving problems throughout the organization. 

How can we make sure that our revenue is where it should be?

You should be monitoring your billing metrics to make sure you are falling within the ideal ranges, from the number of days in A/R to collection and denial rates.

Our team of experts can analyze the gaps in your system and processes. Let us assess your billing to see where we can help increase your top dollar.

We are looking into billing solutions. Is this something you do?

Yes.  We provide a team of experts that focus solely on radiology services. We use a proven process that will provide you with positive results and appropriate reimbursement for your rendered services. We want to help you focus on patient care, while we help handle the rest.

We process over 350,000 charges per year, generating right at $46,000,000 in charges. We only bill for Radiology practices, which allows us to have the knowledge and expertise in Radiology that most medical billing companies don’t.

We can help improve clean claim submission, eliminate delays due to staff shortages, manage and appeal your denials and get claims resolved quickly, provide coding education and consulting as well as keep your practice compliant with the ever-changing federal laws and regulations. Let us create a custom billing solution for your outpatient or free-standing imaging facility. Our goal is to increase cash flow and maximize your reimbursements.

We are not sure if we are Medicare compliant. Can you help us?

Yes. Radiology practices make errors in documentation and regulatory compliance quite often. We can offer best practices to help you avoid Medicare over-payments and any potential suggestions of fraud. 

We want the best technology, but we also want to save money. How can SMM help us?

We provide IT solutions that meet our partners’ unique needs. We work to optimize workflows for both your radiologists and general staff. The best part is that we are able to link hospitals, outpatient centers, and physician offices into a seamless network to help improve both staff productivity and patient care.

We have seen a drop in physician referrals. What should we do?

It's important to educate referring providers about your services.

We use our existing connections with hospitals and healthcare organizations to help educate referring providers about our imaging clients. We can evaluate how the referring community perceives your radiology group and suggest areas of improvement.