Compliance and Credentialing

Let us customize a plan that meets your needs.

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) states:

Federal health care enforcers expect all providers to implement effective compliance programs and to include in those programs specific policies, procedures and other mechanisms to prevent and detect illegal activity.

Reduce Risks


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Do you have someone who’s primarily in charge of vetting privacy practices throughout the organization?  Have you thought about all the key requirements needed to effectively develop, implement, and monitor  your practice?  Every organization has risks. We are here to minimize yours.



Better Trained Staff


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is your team getting the adequate training and education they need? your staff should be able to apply complex laws and regulations to their daily work. we can help addresses specific rules, laws, codes, and policies surrounding your specialty and make sure your team is trained to handle whatever is thrown at them.




More Confidence


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do you find that it is impossible to have a compliance plan that stays current with changing government regulations, payer requirements, office operations and technology?  We are here to  help you develop policies, procedures and provide you with proved processes to help you comply with state and federal law.  You will have a designated team with you every step of the way.